We prides ourself through the many projects handled over the years with great success
  • Conduct a site survey with Customer’s Management to determine detailed Scope of Work
  • Ensure this is analytically determined and involves important interaction with our clients and third parties
  • Determine the most practical, safe and cost effective method of transport
  • Determine what equipment is to be used. From normal rigging, specialised rigging to be made, power tools, cutting and welding.
  • Allocate a suitably skilled team to undertake the work
  • Accommodation arrangements if required
  • Submit quotation
  • If successful, submit Health & Safety File including Method Statement and Risk Assessment
  • Complete job ensuring with management supervision
Our services include
General Rigging & Machine Moving
  • Conduct site inspection for terrain, check dimensions and weight of equipment to be moved
  • Check for any height or width restrictions for machinery to be removed or installed from buildings, plant or other installations
  • Assess which equipment, forklifts, vehicles re crane trucks, lowbeds and / or mobile cranes are to be used
  • Determine rigging crews and required skills requirements
Abnormal Loads
  • Transport of abnormal loads up to 50 ton weight
  • Width up to the maximum permissible depending on what you require and provided this is agreed by Cape Prov Admin (CPA). This will in all probability include a stability test and obtaining the necessary road permits
  • Lengths up to 19,6m for poles & beams and 18m for tanks, containers etc, all on the lower deck of the lowbed
  • Height of 5,5m and therefore loaded height of 6,5m
  • Abnormal permits for as many provinces we travel through
  • Overborder travelling out of South Africa, cross border permits to be obtained
  • Passports to enter neighbouring countries
  • Accommodation
  • Provincial Traffic escorts,  own escorts with or without height sticks
  • City of Cape Town or other cities, Eskom and Telkom clearances
  • Route clearances
  • Loading and offloading
  • Rigging out or into position

We transport most articles from site to site where these have to be loaded and offloaded by crane truck, mobile crane or forklift.

Stuffing & Destuffing
  • Check the dimensions  and weight of the items to be loaded or offloaded
  • Select the correct equipment required especially size of forklift. In addition, use container ramp if necessary
  • Select the correct crane truck or mobile crane
  • If stuffing, select stabilising materials such as wood
  • Select tools, slings, shackles etc.
  • Select correct size of  lashing equipment including buckles as we have two different sizes. In addition, could also use chains for heavy items
  • Where required have load approved by Marine Surveyor and also VGM obtained for outbound containers
  • We have storage space for consignees where we are able to safely store equipment and other items
  • Includes 24 hour on site security
  • In addition, we have additional security back up from an outside security company
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